Jeep Dealer Serving Levittown PA

Looking for a Jeep Dealer serving Levittown, PA? Look no further than Dodge Chrysler Jeep City of Burlington New Jersey.

Because several well-known Jeep dealerships are found in the Levittown, PA area, you may ask why satisfied car buyers are returning from Burlington, NJ. The reason for the quick drive is an incredible inventory of new Jeep Wrangler and Grand Cherokee models with luxurious amenities and a range of option extras.
Jeep Dealer Levittown PA
When you make the quick trip from Levittown, PA to Dodge Chrysler Jeep City in Burlington, you will immediately notice the difference. To make sure the right Jeep Grand Cherokee is matched to your daily driving needs. the friendly sales staff informs you about the individual details. This lets you make an informed decision and facilitates the comparison-shopping process. For affordable, pre-owned cars, the extensive used inventory is always changing. With a host of on-site lenders, you receive competitive interest rates and get the lowest monthly payment that is tailored to your income and expenses.

If you picture the area that surrounds Levitown, PA, the chances are probably pretty good that you see the effects of urban sprawl. Abraham Levitt and Sons are the prime developers responsible for the building process, and the city has been named in their honor. Even though urban sprawl is widely criticized for facilitate the planet's destruction, the residents of Levitown have worked hard to make their community more livable. The caring staff at Dodge Chrysler Jeep City is also devoted to the community and offers a wide range of affordable vehicles that make daily commutes comfortable and secure.

Driving Directions from Levittown PA to Burlington New Jersey

Getting from Levittown, PA to Dodge Chrysler Jeep City takes around 17 minutes. The drive starts northeast on Mill Creek Parkway toward Levittown Parkway. Drive for 98 feet, turn right onto Levittown Parkway, and continue for 1.2 miles. When you reach New Falls Road, turn left and drive for 3.1 miles. At PA-413 South, turn right and continue for 1.2 miles. At the Burlington Bristol Bridge, stay straight and drive for 0.4 miles. Continue onto Reed Street, stay straight onto Keim Boulevard, and drive for 423 feet. At US-130 South, turn right and continue for 1.6 miles. At this time, you will see Dodge Chrysler Jeep City on the right.